Premium Aroma Gel Type Air Freshener For Car Grace Beaute (90G)

Product Description

Gel Type AIr Freshener For Car

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JC Household Essentials

JC Household Essentials

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A luxurious fragrance that shines in your heart

A scent with the theme of a longing female image

A graceful floral fruity scent.
The perfume-like scent that feels the sex appeal of an adult snuggles up to you who is graceful and elegant.

Sophisticated luxury fragrance

Contains fragrance oil carefully selected by perfumers. A luxurious perfume-like scent spreads in the space.


* If the film remains when opened, remove it.
* If the scent is weak or in winter, remove the adjustment sheet.
① Remove the cap and remove the aluminum seal.
(2) Insert the scent adjustment sheet, close the cap tightly, and fix it in a stable place with double-sided tape.
③ Replace when the jelly becomes smaller and the scent becomes weaker.

[Storage and disposal method]
● When storing, do not place in direct sunlight or at temperatures above 40 ° C.
● When disposing of the product, dispose of it according to local regulations. 


Compact size that fits neatly

Compact size that fits neatly in a drink holder or a small space. It does not take up much space, but it deodorizes well and spreads a high-quality scent. The sophisticated design that does not overstate is also attractive. Since it is a gel type, there is no need to worry about liquid spills even if it falls over.