NATURAL VITAMIN C 1000mg 天然水果成分维生素C咀嚼片 Balance Life Pur C Mixed Fruits Chewable Tablet (100s)

Product Description

Pur C, the natural source of Vitamin C in the market.  100% comes from natural fruits sources, 18 types of high Vitamin C content fruits were included to

✅ Boost up your immunity

✅ As a good source of antioxidant

✅ Have a bright and smoother skin

Pur C,市场上天然维生素C的来源。100%来自天然水果,其中包括18种高维生素C含量的水果能作为:

✅ 提高免疫力 

✅ 强大的抗氧化剂

✅ 天然提亮和柔滑肌肤

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Features & Benefits:
In Pur C, 18 types of high Vitamin C content fruits were specially mixed to form a chewable tablet that is suitable to be taken by all walks of life.  The fruits are not only high in Vitamin C content, they are all good sources of antioxidants, which helps in free radicals scavenging.  


Pur C专门混合了18种高维生素C含量的水果,制成了适合各行各业的咀嚼片。 水果不仅维生素C含量高,而且都是抗氧化物质的良好来源,有助于清除自由基。



Benefits of Pur C
️ Powerful antioxidants help in fight against free radicals 
️  Boost up immunity and helps in prevent common cold symptoms
️  Better skin appearance as vitamin C helps in stimulates the production of collagen 
️  Helps in wound healing (collagen formation)
️  Vitamin C aids iron absorption in the body, the nonheme iron and vitamin C combination makes it more easily to be absorbed in the body
️  Prevent scurvy 

️  100% from natural fruit ingredients
️  Less processed, more wholesome and readily absorbed than other synthetic isolate vitamin C supplements
️  Consists of organic nutrient (vitamin), and also phytonutrients, enzymes, coenzymes, antioxidants, trace element activators & cofactors
️  Provides 90mg (129%) of the RNI for vitamin C (based on 19 – 65 years old)
️  Higher absorption and bioavailability
️  Free of preservative, artificial colour, flavour and sweetener
️  No adverse side effects 
️  Certified Halal 

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