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Fermented tea rich in probiotics & antioxidants. Improves gut activity & digestive system, reduce heart disease risk, & removes toxins from your body & boost energy.

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huā kombucha

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huā kombucha uses different types of alluring floral aroma to craft each of our signature flavors.

Kombucha is a huge source of probiotics due to its fermenting nature & the presence of yeast. Probiotics are good bacteria that helps to maintain a healthy balance in your body. It basically keeps your body healthy by supporting your immune function and controlling inflammation.


Benefits of Kombucha:

  • Contains Antioxidants.
  • Kill bacteria.
  • Reduce heart disease risk.
  • Improve gut activity/digestive system.
  • Removes toxins from your body & boost energy.


Signature huā flavors:

Rose Lychee

The perfect blend between rose’s alluring aroma and lychee’s delicate flavor elevates it to a level of excellence that is just heavenly; instantly making it huā’s signature flavor.


Tropical Mint (passionfruit, mango, mint)

The clash between the soothing mango scent and the strong, invasive aroma of passionfruit makes this flavor extremely refreshing and tantalizing. On top of that, the hint of mint adds a cooling sensation to it, creating the perfect solution on a hot sunny weather.


Roselle Lemon 

Double the sour, double the trouble. Roselle and lemon are both really sour in flavor, but both offer a different dimension of sour that adds to the overall profile of this drink. Our latest formula incorporates a handful of French rose buds to elevate the overall taste profile, giving it a light and refreshing sensation. The result is a 3D sour experience which doesn’t just give you straight and plain sour, but different levels and depth of sour in one drink.


Thai Cooler (ginger, lemongrass, pandan)

Inspired by strong elements of the Thai culture, this drink is definitely a dark horse that will slowly creep to everyone’s hearts.

The exotic aroma of lemongrass immediately puts you into a holiday/vacation mood. On top of that, pandan leaves are used to add a unique South East Asian sweetness that compliments the lemongrass perfectly. Finally, the flavor profile is completed by adding ginger bits, creating a tinge of spice that brings the flavor together as a whole.



  • Do not shake
  • Keep refrigerated at all times