Yuwell Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor YE670A

Product Description

Yuwell Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor YE670A

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Asian Integrated Medical Sdn. Bhd.

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Why you should buy Yuwell Blood Pressure Monitor?

1. Cuff detection

2. Movement detection

3. Irregular Heart Beat detection

4. Memory 74 groups


Advantages compare to market others brand

1. Cuff Size ~ biggest 22cm ~45cm

2. Main unit 5 years warranty with 1 to 1 exchange (TnC apply)

3. Cuff warranty 1 year

4. Come with battery and adapter

5. Lifetime Free machine calibration

6. Ministry of Health KKM (MDA) Approval



1.    Features

►    Intelligent pressurized

►    Large-scale LCD

►    Cuff Wrapping Detection

►    IHB(lrregular heartbeat) indicator

►    Body Movement Detection

►    74 g roups of memory

►    Average value display of three times

►    measurement

►    Time and date display


2.    Technical parameters

►    Displaying: LCD digital display

►    Measuring method: oscillation mensuration

►    Pressure measurement range: 0-280mmHg(0-37.3Pa)

Pulse rate: 40-200 time/min

A Precision: Pressure: within ± 3mmHg(±0.4kPa)

Pulse rate: within 5% of reading value

►    Working system: Intermittent operation

►    Electric classification: Class II, type BF application part

►    Pressure sensor: Sem iconductor pressure

►    sensor

►    Pressurization: Automatic pressurize

►    Depressurization: Automatic air releasing

Power supply: 4 AA batteries or 6V/ 600mA

►    DC power

►    Maximum battery life: 300 times

►    Suitable upper-arm circumference: 22-45cm

►    Dimension: Approximately 127X93X74 (mm)


Operation and storage conditions:

Working temperature: +5T-+40T

Relative humidity: 15%~80%

Working atmosphere pressure: 80kPa~105kPa

Transport and storage temperature: -20T~ +55T

Transport and storage relative

humidity: 15%-80%, no condensation

Transportation and storage atmosphere pressure: 80kPa ~ 105kPa


Operation environment:

Avoid electromagnetic interference, violent

shock and noise environment

Radio frequency interference

► There is the potentia risk of radio frequency interference between the device and other devices. If there is, please find out the problems and take the following measures:

(1)    Turnoff the device, and turn on again,

(2)    Change the direction of the device,

(3)    Keep the product away from the interferential devices.


Package Includes:

1x Digital Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

1x Adapter (as the choose )

1x Comfortable Cuff

1x English User Manual

1x Handhold Bag


Note: does not include battery