Yakult Ace package

Product Description

The Yakult Ace package contains 30 bottles of fresh cultured milk drinks full of the live, powerful Shirota strain probiotic bacteria.

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More infomation

Yakult is the outcome of an ingenious discovery on the use of probiotics for healthy living by Japanese microbiologist and physician Dr Minoru Shirota in 1935.

  • Yakult Ace is a high quality probiotic cultured milk drink that contains over 30 billion of live Shirota strain bacteria in every bottle. It is produced using cutting-edge technology and thorough production management to deliver a high concentration of probiotics when consumed. The Shirota strain is among the strongest probiotic bacteria, able to resist gastric juice to reach the intestines alive.


For more info, please refer to Yakult Malaysia official website at https://yakult.com.my/