The Candle Hour Natural Scented Candle

Product Description

We made 100% natural homemade scented candles, to enhance every customers' mood and daily lives. Candles are scientifically proven to help us feel calm, serene, unwind clustered minds and help to boost our moods. Soy wax candles release cool and health-reinforcing into the air and create much less soot. Our candles last 30-50% longer, burn cleaner, pure and safe for pets and babies. We hope our products help customers to better enjoy their moments and to improve spiritually, mentally and physically.

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The Candle Hour

The Candle Hour Venture

More infomation

Material: 100% Natural Wax Candle
Weight: 400 g total / 190 g of wax 
Burn capacity: up to 35 hours

Glass dimension: 7.6cmx8.5cm
Box dimension: 8cmx8cmx10cm
Wick: Wood Wick or Cotton Wick

We offer 10 different scents with different notes to complement your space and area. All candles come with double wick, either cotton or wooden, able to burn up to 35 hours with capacity to cover medium - large size room. 

Available Scents Descriptions
Serene Lavender Earthy floral scent 
Frosty Dewberry Luxurious sweet berry
Summer Peach Fruity, nectarious and sweet
Autumn Sandalwood Charismatic, woody and warm aroma
Classic Vanilla Sweet and creamy
Blossom Sakura Subtle and delicate floral aroma
Mellow Grapefruit Fresh citrus, tangy and uplifting aroma
Le Barista Nutty, creamy and silky soft 
Le Espresso Freshly brewed coffee
Jolie Serveuse Sweetly and not overly spicy, with a hint of leather


After order placed, customer will be contacted to confirm on choosen plan and details.