Tea Rhymba Hills® Reevitalise (Blend of Lemongrass & Bentong Ginger) - 15 Sachets

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Helps to remove wind from stomach

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Rhymba Hills Tea

Ladang Sari International Sdn Bhd

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Rhymba Hills® Reevitalise Tea: Herbal Lemongrass and Bentong Ginger Tea

Each sachet is individually wrapped in aluminium foil to contain freshness.

The citrusy flavours of lemongrass and Bentong ginger and make a delicious cup of herbal tea. For those who prefer a milder version of our spicy Bentong Ginger, this blend will awaken your senses without being too overwhelming.

Our product is JAKIM Halal Certified (the highest Halal Certification quality worldwide) with Certification number MS1500:2009 1066-11/2014

Customer Testimonies:

“I really love the taste of Rhymba Hills Lemongrass Ginger blend (Reevitalise). It helps me to remove wind from my body and helps with detox”

– Zainah, Director, Cahaya Arif Sdn Bhd

“The tea really useful, it really helps to digest and ventilate (Buang angin)”

-Tan Wan Ting

“I enjoy drinking Rhymba Hills Lemongrass Ginger blend (Reevitalise) as I find its individual sachet packing to be very convenient (just steep sachet in hot boiling water). The taste is pleasant and it’s also very aromatic. I also feel good as the tea is without sugar and caffeine”

-Pavananthan, Business Owner