TANIKA 16L Battery Sprayer/ Fertilizer Pump/ Detergent Sprayer/Rechargable Battery Sprayer *6 Months Warranty*

Product Description

Adjustable shoulder strap

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Multiactive Enterprise Sdn Bhd

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Special highlight: • Adjustable shoulder strap • Easy to operate by either switching on/off or adjusting the speed control switch • Widely available spare parts and battery • Rechargeable Function: • To spray non-viscous liquid (liquid fertilizer, detergent, etc) Specification: • Material: High quality material • Colour: As shown in picture only • Voltage: 12V • Bar: 5.5 • Battery: 12V 8.0Ah • Tank capacity: 16 litter • Fitment: Universal BATTERY METER LIGHT - YELLOW + GREEN : BATTERY SUFFICIENT - YELLOW : IT'S ABOUT TIME TO CHARGE