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Support Hospis Malaysia – To support the medicine and medical supply needs of our palliative care patients living with serious progressive illnesses such as cancer and organ failure. Each patient’s cost of medicine and medical supplies averages RM100.  ​​​​​​​

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In its 30 years of service in palliative care to the nation, Hospis Malaysia has strived to work towards equal access to palliative care to all in need.

Palliative care recognizes the significant impact a serious progressive illness such as cancer or organ failure may have on a patient and his family. We offer a comprehensive patient service which aims to work with patients and their families in the community to identify and address how the illness has impacted them. Often it is pain and other symptoms such as breathlessness, insomnia, and lack of appetite which can affect their quality of life. Many also experience significant distress due to not knowing what lies ahead, and the inability to cope with the illness when discharged from hospital. Our palliative care team of nurses, doctors, pharmacist and occupational therapist will work with the patient and family to map out a care plan, and follow up with regular home visits to ensure that the physical and emotional distress is addressed.

Your support will help us to continue providing this service to this patients and their families in the safety of their own homes. Support Hospis Malaysia by sharing this donation appeal to your friends and family as we continue to support these patients in our community.


​​​​​​​All cash donations are tax-exempted.

Please call us at +603-9133 3936 or email for assistance, our team will get in touch with you. Thank you for supporting Hospis Malaysia.