She s Lab The Iceland Aqua Fruit Masks (15 pcs)

Product Description

Fruits extract delivers deep moisture and nutrients to the skin!

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She's Lab

Agility Clover Beauty Sdn Bhd

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1> Lime mask (100ppm lime extract for Vitality) >> It's really REFRESHING with lots of drippy essence.

2> Litchi mask (200ppm lychee extract for brightening) >> smells just like the fruits very SOOTHING, feel like drinking lychee water. :P

3> Coconut mask (100ppm coconut extract for healthy skin) >> I love this! The lovely creamy coconut MILKY essence left my skin really soothed and nourished. >>> when you take out coconut mask sheet from the mask pouch, you will have the feeling like taking out a coconut meat. :)

4> Peach mask (10ppm peach extract for moisture) >>Peachy juice like essence absolutely drenching in liquid, my skin felt really quenched.

5>Mango mask (100ppm for intensive care) >> Smooth mango Puree type essence wonderful mango scent gave perfect nourishment.