Samu Giken Household Dehumidifier Reduce Excess Moisture With Water Tank & Msia Plug (800ml)

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Samu Giken Household Dehumidifier Reduce Excess Moisture With Water Tank & Msia Plug (800ml)

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Samu Giken

Samu Giken Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

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Samu Giken Household Dehumidifier


Specifications :

Adapter 220

Power : 22w

Water tank capacity : 800 ML

Water level sensor : the indicator will turn on in red, when the water tank is full and the device will stop running automatically

Dehumidification Capability : 220 ML/24 hours

Area for dehumidification : , 20m2

Size : 160X 230X 140 mm

Noise level : ≤35dB(A)


Package Included :

1x Dehumidifier

1x User Manual

1x 3 Pin Plug


Main Purpose to use Dehumidifier:

1) Mold Prevention

2) Improve Air Quality

3) Helps Eliminate Dust Mites

4) Protects Your Home

5) Helps You Feel Comfortable



Please use the dehumidifier only under the specified temperature and humidity conditions

Don't block the air inlet and outlet of the dehumidifier don't insert any foreign objects into the air outlet, as this will lead to damage

The dehumidifier should be placed on the flat ground, otherwise the water will overflow

If the dehumidifier won't be used for a long time, please make sure that the water tank is drained

Don't tilt the water tank when removing it, in order to avoid any water pouring out

Please don't store the transformer in moist places, it shall be kept in dry and well ventilated place

After each use, please shut down the dehumidifier and unplug it.



The dehumidifier can be used it wardrobes, bookcases, strong boxes, rest rooms, kitchens and other similar small spaces which measure about 20m,to reduce the humidity in the air. The dehumidifier is designed only for household use.


Warranty for 1 years – cover manufacturing defect.

Warranty for 2 week – cover wear and tear parts

*anything happen within 2 weeks, seller will bear the cost of 2 ways courier. After 2 weeks for warranty process, buyer need to pay the courier for shipping back the item for warranty and seller will bear the shipping cost for returning product*