Samu Giken Hepa Filter Only for Vacuum Cleaner , Model: VCV10

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Samu Giken Hepa Filter Only for Vacuum Cleaner , Model: VCV10

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Samu Giken

Samu Giken Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

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The Hepa filter purpose is to filtering the air as it passes through the vacuum prevents fine dirt and dust particles from getting into the motor and building up over time. If a vacuum motor becomes gummed up or clogged with dust, your run the risk of experiencing dangerous and expensive mechanical failures.


This product only Hepa Filter for vacuum as shown at main picture.


Type: Vacuum Cleaner Filter

Model Number: For Samu Giken Only

Material: Hepa paper + plastic


1) Effectively trap animal fur, bacteria, pollen, bed bugs, spores, dust and other air pollutant

2) High efficiency HEPA filter to maximize filtration and improve overall performance and cleanliness.

3) To ensure the service life of the vacuum cleaner and avoid air pollution.

4) Washable HEPA Filter (wash with water only, no detergent or washing machine)

5) Prevent small dust particles from entering the vacuum motor


Package Contents:

1 x Vacuum Cleaner Replacement Filter


Suggest : We recommend that you replace filters every 1 - 3 months.


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