[SUPER EXTRA LARGE] Plastic Bag (HD)/ Multipurpose Plastic Bag (Transparent)/ 40" X 60" Transparent Plastic

Product Description

Material: HDPE, High Density Plastic
Colour: Transperant (TRANSLUCENT)
Packing: 1 unit per pack

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Golden Panda


More information

[SUPER EXTRA LARGE PLASTIC BAG!!!]Size: 40 Inch x 60 inch or 101.6cm x 152.4cmWeight: 120g +-Brand: Golden PandaMaterial: HDPE, High Density PlasticColour: Transperant (TRANSLUCENT)Packing: 1 unit per pack


Recommended to use for your HDPE Drum to store

1) Raw Materials

2) Water

3) Food Marinade

4) ETC



* Protect your Drum from stain

* No need to wash your drum, just use this disposable plastic (Reduce work)

* Transparent Design

* strong pull

* Heat Resistant (below 100 Celsius)

* Easy to look inside (more convenience, effective & efficient)

* Use to store anything for dust proof & moisture proof

* can use to put extra bulky items