SOKANO Yoga Wheel Pilates Roller With Pattern Foam Cushion 32cm [Delivery Included]

Product Description

SOKANO Yoga Wheel Pilates Roller

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SOKANO Yoga Wheel Pilates Roller with Pattern Foam Cushion 32cm 

Product Details;


  • COMFORTABLE THICK PADDING - Extra thick outside padding cushions the spine luxuriously. 
  • Made of durable material with beautiful surface texture pattern in black and beautiful aqua. 
  • The yoga wheel is excellent for opening your entire back, hip flexors, chest, and shoulders
  • Make back bending accessible, develop back strength, relax muscles, etc.
  • Help enhance and improve balance, flexibility and breath control.
  • Strong and durable wheel safely supports 500 lbs so you can be confident when you stand on top of it and develop your core
  • Lightweight construction means wheel is easy to bring to studio and back home so you can practice handstands and headstands
  • Extra thick outside padding cushions the spine luxuriously. Durable and beautiful surface texture pattern forms to spine softly. 
  • Increase muscle and spine flexibility
  • Stretch and release tension from all common, pain-triggering points: shoulder, chest, hip and back
  • Gain fluidity of motion that will help you execute all poses with ease
  • Facilitate sequential posing
  • Perform advanced backbends and handstands