SOKANO HS400 Epoxy Spring Cot (Buaian Besi Epoxy Putih) (NOT INCLUDE Baby Net) (DELIVERY INCLUDED)

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  Product Details Of SOKANO HS400 Epoxy Spring Cot (Buaian Besi Epoxy Putih) with Wheel and Stopper Rangka Buai Bayi (NOT INCLUDE Baby Net)  




   SPRING COT (Epoxy White Colour) cradle suspended oval frame, come with a hanger   



  Specifications :   




Quality double metal/epoxy 



  Easy assembly  



  High quality and durability  



  Dimension : 94cm(L) x 70cm(W) x 194.5cm(H)  









This 5's hammock springs securely suspend with a sarong net and/or hammock with U-Locks provides total protection. 



  Accommodates any size of spring cot/sarong net and hammock.  



  Material: Chrome Plated (i.e. Colours may vary in time)  



  Total of Spring: 5pcs (suitable baby 3-10kgs)Max load is about 10-12kgs  





  Package Includes :   




1 epoxy spring cot 



  1 safety buckle   



  1 Spring (newborn up to 12kg) * NEED TO SEPARATE PURCHASE  



  1 Set of Castor with wheels