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SOKANO HB501 Single Tier 3 in 1 Natural Paintless Nontoxic Easel Wooden Baby Cot and Cradle Free Mosquito Net Free 5 in 1 Bedding Set 

Available in Pink Princess and Animal World 

This deal come with 1 baby cot cum baby cradle, 1 free mosquito net and 1 set 5 in 1 Bedding set 

Dimension of baby cot: 104cm x 60cm x 85cm 

Suitable for new born to 3 years old baby 

Bedding set include 4 side protection mattress, 1 base mattress and 1 pillow (worth RM99 in market) 

Bedding set is made from 100% full cotton and with filling 

Come with mosquito net worth RM20 

The wheels can be adjust upward to become cradle 

Wheels are ultrasilent type and come with brakes for safety purpose 

Baby safety lock to prevent accident happen 

Fence can be opened side way to connect to parent’s bed to get close monitor and caring 

New Zealand imported natural easel wood 

Paintless, no toxic substances like paint, solvent, lacquer, formaldehyde 

Weight: 12kg