SOKANO 93cm Size Kitchen Play Set (68 Pcs) (DELIVERY INCLUDED)

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 Product Details Of SOKANO 93cm Size Kitchen Play Set (68 Pcs) Spraying Mist Pretend Kitchen Play Set (T942/943/T971-973) Pretend Play Dapur toys Cooking Masak mainan budak Perempuan  



Description :  


Children's playhouse theme kitchen, real simulation scene, with a variety of sound functions, as well as a variety of kitchen utensils, with colorful lighting, educational and fun mode,  


so that children grow up happily. Kitchen toys are made of high-quality and environmentally friendly plastic materials. They are safe, non-toxic, sturdy, stable, and easy to assemble.  


Real kitchen toys with a variety of kitchen utensils, such as cooking pots, cutlery, cups, plates, a variety of food, stickers, faucets, etc., to meet the children's imitation desire, but also let Them are a little parent.  


Realistic style, fine workmanship, healthy for kids to play with   


Provides children with hours of fun, and it will also help them cultivate useful life skills  



   Specification :   


  Toy material: plastic/plastic  



  Effluent lighting Music  



  Big set of kitchen toys that can spray  



  Kitchen utensil tools, cutting toys  



  Exercise thinking, develop intelligence, identify Objects and cultivate habits  



  Dimension : 71cm(L) X 28.5cm(W) X 93.5cm(H)