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Buy 1 Free 1: SOKANO FM002 Emoticon Design Antislip Carpet (120cm x 40cm) Free (60 x 40cm) Soft Flannel Carpet Rug Floor Mat Kitchen Dapur and Bathroom (DELIVERY INCLUDE)

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Include 1 Pcs pf 120cm x 40cm and 60cm x 40cm soft flannel floor mat in this package
Available in FM001 (Classic Design), FM002 (Emoticon Design), FM003 (Fish Design) and FM004 (Kitchen Utensils Design)
Surface is soft and comfortable printed flannel
Base is made from antislip base
Made from polyester
Perfect to use at bathroom, kitchen as it absorbs excess water
Perfect to use at living hall, bed room or office as decorative item as well
Can be machine or hand washable
Weight: 800gm