Retail/F&B POS Software

Product Description

♥ One Powerful POS System that Connects the Future ♥

Quick sales, payment + e-wallets!

Stock status auto-sync, no error & crystal clear.

Run & grow your business effortless!"

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Smart New Retail

Smart-Acc Solutions Sdn Bhd

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Welcome Whatsapp / call 012-389 5331

- Touch POS / Touch F&B Software user x 1
- Smart Software Cover Plus (fixes & upgrades) - cover all standard & special maintenance
Service Level Contract (helpdesk online) follow Smart-Acc solutions operation hour


(A) Touch POS / Touch F&B  
- Multiple Payments Gateway Integration (All E-wallets & Credit Card terminal)
- Retail Specialist Management
- Inventory Management
- Customer Management
- Shop Sales & Online Order Management
- Business Reporting & Intelligence Analytics​​​​​​