RM50 Donation - Empowering Malaysians with Education on Cancer Prevention and Early Detection

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Our cancer awareness talks and booths will equip and empower you with the knowledge and skills on cancer and prevention. It will also help to encourage you to take positive action for your health.

Donate now to support NCSM's education programmes.

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National Cancer Society Malaysia

The National Cancer Society of Malaysia

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Dear Donors,

For over 50 years, through its education, care and support services, National Cancer Society Malaysia (NCSM) has united Malaysians and empowered them in the battle against cancer. This is carried out through our Cancer and Health Screening Clinic, Nuclear Medicine Clinic, Resource and Wellness Centre, Quit Smoking Clinic and Children’s Home of Hope.

All of this is only possible with your donation.

You donation will help us share vital information about cancer, including its prevention, to hundreds of communities. Your kind contribution will allow low income families obtain their cancer screening. Your efforts, enabling cancer patients and survivors to join our complimentary wellness classes, will boost their recovery journey.


For any inquiry related to donation, kindly call us at +603-2698 7300 or email donation@cancer.org.my and we will get in touch with you immediately.

It’ll be greatly appreciated if you share this donation appeal to your friends and family. It will mean a lot to us.

Every Ringgit of your kind donation to us will help us transform the lives of those at risk or affected by cancer. Thank you.


Tax exemption receipt:

1) If you would like to request for a tax exemption receipt for your donation, kindly email us at donation@cancer.org.my with your name, IC number and mailing address, and attach together the screenshot of your order details.

2) Kindly note that only donations of RM50.00 and above will be issued a tax exempt receipt by National Cancer Society Malaysia.

3) For collated donations received for the year via recurring monthly donation, you will receive your receipt from NCSM via email by the month of February of the following year i.e. receipt for total donation made in 2021 will be emailed to you by February 2022.

Thank you for supporting our fight against cancer.