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Women's Aid Organisation (WAO)

Pertubuhan Pertolongan Wanita, Malaysia (WAO)

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We provide free shelter, counselling, and crisis support to women and children who experience violence so they can heal and thrive. Help us to continue changing lives, by making a donation. Every little bit counts!

About us

Since 1982, we have provided free crisis support and shelter to women and children who face abuse. Today, we are the largest service provider for domestic violence survivors in Malaysia.


We inform survivors about their rights and options, so they can make the best decisions for themselves. We also run programmes to help women rebuild their lives after abuse. 


Through our Hotline and SMS/WhatsApp line (TINA), we reach over 3,000 women each year, informing them about their rights. We provide shelter to over 100 women and children each year, ensuring that women who flee abusive homes have a safe place to go. Our social workers walk with women throughout the justice process, giving them emotional support, and helping them access services from the police, hospitals, welfare department, and other agencies.


Learning from women’s experiences, we advocate to improve public policies and shift public mindsets. We also raise awareness and change mindsets. Because to end violence against women, we need a society that respects women’s rights and dignity.

Women's Aid Organisation (WAO) is an independent, non-religious, non-governmental organisation focused on elevating the rights of women and children residing in Malaysia. We are the leading organisation in working to end violence against women and children, specifically domestic violence.  


To create a society that is free of violence against women


To promote and create respect, protection and fulfillment of equal rights for women. To work towards the elimination of discrimination against women, and to bring about equality between women and men.


The fundamental belief of Women's Aid Organisation (WAO) is that no one deserves to be battered. We believe that all human beings have the right to self determination and should have control over the conditions that shape their lives.



  1. To provide on request to women and their children suffering from mental, physical and sexual abuse, temporary refuge services that empower and enable them to determine their own future.

  2. To offer emotional and social support to any women who request for it, resident or otherwise, and offer support and after-care.

  3. To undertake and encourage research into any of the factors that contribute to the inequality and subordination of women.

  4. To undertake and advocate with government and non-government organisations the eradication of factors that contribute to the inequality and subordination of women through law, policy and institutional reforms.

  5. To create an awareness and better understanding among individuals, public and relevant agencies on the issues of violence against women and the underlying inequalities.


We provide advice and support for domestic violence, rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment, and other forms of violence against women.


We also provide women with information about their rights and options. You can also make face-to-face appointments through our hotline and subsequently access other services such as shelter and social work, by contacting the WAO Hotline +603 3000 8858 or SMS/WhatsApp TINA at +6018 988 8058. We are #JustACallAway

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*All donations of RM 50 and above will receive a tax exempt receipt.

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