Nagano White Perfect Cleansing Foam whitening facial cleanser

Product Description

  • 100% Pure Horse Oil

  • Deep Cleansing

  • Remove dark spots

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Nagano Malaysia

Steiger International Sdn Bhd

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contains Horse Oil

Nagano White Perfect Cleansing Foam is a deep cleansing foam, which is an integral part of any skin care regimen. It contains 100% Horse Oil to gently remove residual dirt, makeup and excess oil without drying or damaging your skin. It also helps to balance your skin’s pH, whiten your skin and remove acne.

Direction for use:
Apply a generous amount of Nagano White Perfect Cleansing Foam to your fingertips and gently pat to distribute across your face. Once you have covered your entire face, massage your entire face in a circular motion. Use your hands to splash lukewarm water onto your skin, finish by rinsing it off with cold water and pat your entire face dry for a daily cleansing.

Capacity / Volume: 110 ml

Nagano 马油洁面霜可深层洁净您的肌肤。100%纯马油可有效去除残留的污垢、化妆品、及多余的油分,绝不损害或令肌肤干燥。Nagano 马油洁面霜能协助平衡您肌肤的pH 值,美白肌肤并去除暗疮。

取适量的Nagano 马油洁面霜,在手心打出泡沫后,在脸部及颈部均匀地打圈按摩。过后,使用温水清洗,再使用冷水清洗。