Nagano Underarm Whitening Cream For Underarm, Knee, Elbow& Inner Thigh

Product Description

  • Say goodbye to dark spots

  • lift your arms with confidence

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Nagano Malaysia

Steiger International Sdn Bhd

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*Original from Japan ingredient *

contains Cucumber, Aloe Vera and Gigawhite

Lift your arms with confidence! Say goodbye to dark spots and lift your arms with confidence with Nagano Underarm Whitening Cream. With the combination of natural ingredients of Cucumber Aloe Vera and Gigawhite (the best combination of 7 natural plants growing in the alps), it helps to brighten & whiten your skin, remove dead skin cells and make your skin naturally soft, smooth and fair. It also helps to prevent body odors with its fresh deodorizing effects. Nagano Underarm Whitening Cream can be applied on the underarm, knee, elbow and inner thigh.

Direction for use:
Apply Nagano Underarm Whitening Cream to dark spot areas and massage until fully absorbed into the skin. Apply to clean skin twice a day, morning and evening.

Capacity / Volume: 30 ml