Nagano Pink Nipple Jelly

Product Description

  • lighten dark spots

  • remove dead skin cells

  •  reveal your naturally pink

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Nagano Malaysia

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contains Collagen, Vitamin C and Vitamin E

Nagano Pink Magic Jelly is formulated with natural extracts of Collagen, Vitamin C & E which help to lighten dark spots, remove dead skin cells and reveal your naturally pink and soft skin, leaving your nipples naturally pink, smooth and soft within a blink. Your nipples will not turn darker upon discontinued use.

Direction for use:
Apply Nagano Pink Magic Jelly on your clean nipples after shower twice a day or as needed. 
*Non toxic and safe for consumption
**Not recommended during breast feeding phase

Capacity / Volume: 10 g


含胶原、维他命C 及维他命E 成分
Nagano 乳头粉嫩霜富含天然精华的胶原、维他命C 及维他命E 成分,可协助淡化黑色素,祛除死细胞皮,并可展现您自然粉嫩和柔软的肌肤, 促使您的乳头瞬间自然地变得粉红,光滑和柔软。 使用两个月后,即使停止使用,乳头也不会变回黑。

在您的乳头上涂上Nagano 乳头粉嫩霜,每天使用两次;或任何有需要时使用。