Nagano Body Firming Cream

Product Description

  •  Burn away fatty tissues 

  • Increased skin firmness

  •  Leaner and tighter body

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Nagano Malaysia

Steiger International Sdn Bhd

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contains Ginger and Chili 

Nagano Body Firming Cream is well known for its hot fat burning characteristics. It is designed to help you sculpt a leaner, tighter and firmer body by burning away fatty tissues on areas of interest. The natural extracts from Ginger and Chili effectively burn your fats away, leaving your body firm and curvy as your desire. Note: It is perfectly normal to feel hot on areas of application due to the fat burning effects.

- Burn away fatty tissues 
- Increased skin firmness
- Leaner and tighter body
- Body in shape

Direction for use:
Massage Nagano Body Firming Cream all over your body or on specific areas quickly and continuously until fully absorbed. Use twice daily in the morning and evening or as often as you needed.

Capacity / Volume: 100 ml




- 燃烧脂肪组织
- 增加皮肤紧致度
- 更瘦更紧的身体
- 体型

在全身或特定部位快速持续地按摩 Nagano Body Firming Cream,直至完全吸收。每天早晚使用两次,或根据需要经常使用。

容量/体积:100 毫升