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Premium Natural and Nutritional Quinoa Ramen Noodles (Dry) 128g

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Premium Natural and Nutritional Quinoa Ramen Noodles (Dry) 128g


heart For health-conscious & vegan consumers.

heart 3 different flavors to choose - Original / Spicy / Dried Shrimp Chilli 


Made from high-protein wheat flour. 

The fine mixing, traditional fermentation, and dehydration using traditional handmade sun-dried process with slow and low temperature to ensure the superiority of springiness and texture.

Made without egg and without any added artificial ingredients.



No additives

No artificial coloring

No artificial Flavoring

No preservatives


Ingredients: Wheat Flour, NutriPure Quinoa Powder, Salt, Water


Cooking Instruction:

1. Place the noodle into boiling water for 3-5 minutes.

2. Add your seasoning oil packet

3. Mix well & enjoy!


Recommended Storage: Keep in cool & dry place