Molfix Extra Dry Tape Jumbo Pack S58+2 Pcs

Product Description

Molfix Extra Dry Tape Diapers are specially designed to keep your baby dry & comfy

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Molfix Extra Dry Tape Diapers are specially designed to keep your baby dry & comfy, thus you can enjoy your discovery journey with your baby without any interruption. Its sophisticated designed 5D Elastic system helps preventing leakage. Moreover its extra dry layer technology which makes absorption much faster and easier. It helps the liquid to be distributed evenly instead of accumulating at one point. Molfix Extra Dry Tape S with the special 5000 absorbent micro holes with organic cotton that can rapidly vacuum the liquid in to the diaper, so that the surface stays dry. It is also designed to fit your baby’s every move with its unique anatomic curvy shape and super stretchy elastic waistband & ears which stretch 2 times their length. It has the function of wetness indicator too, to let you know when to change your baby's diaper.