Lignusus Tiger Milk Mushroom

Product Description

Tiger milk mushroom is used as a traditional and complementary medicin to treat cough, asthma, bronchitis, joint pain, fever, cancer, food poisoning, indigestion and gastrities.


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- Tiger milk mushroom helps to reduce allergies with its ability to reduce extreme immune responses caused by allergens

Liver health

- Tiger milk mushroom has shown to reduce scarring in liver caused by obesity.

Joint health

- Thanks to its anti-inflamatory properties, the mushroom if found to be effective in reducing joint pain caused by illnesses, injuries or aging.


- High in antioxidants, tiger milk mushroom helps to remove harmful free radicals from our body, preventing cells damage.

Lung Health

- Traditionally used in treating respitory diseases like chronic cough, sinus allergies and asthma symthoms. Tiger milk mushroom helps to improve lung health by reducing the presence of cells that cause inflammation in lungs and airways.

Cardiovascular Health

- Tiger mik mushroom is found to help in preventing blood clots which reduces the chance of stroke and other related cardiovascular diseases.

Anti-viral & Microbial

- Tiger milk mushroom helps to boost the immune system against virus and microbial infections by increasing and enhancing immune responses.