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Box A - 6 bottles with 6 different flavours. Flavours includes Back to Basic, Vitamin C, Ginger, Butterfly Rama, Roselle Hibiscus and Chrysanthemum.

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Kombucha is rich in living bacteria known as probiotics, antioxidants and enzymes. These living bacteria can improve many aspects of health, including aiding stomach ailments, improve digestion, reduce inflammation and even weight loss.

At Leigh, we handcraft our Kombucha in small batches with traditional two step fermentation process. We select local natural ingredients and each bottle is crafted with love and care to ensure our quality is not compromised.

Premium handcrafted in Malaysia, pure goodness in every sip, is what you will get with Leigh Kombucha.

Discover Kombucha and Find your favorite flavor!

Back to Basics
Organic Black Tea, Organic Cane Sugar, Kombucha Culture & Filtered Water

Back to Basics is our Original Kombucha. This flavor provides a great introduction to Kombucha. It is mild and smooth with sweet notes of Herbaceous, which made it the perfect combination for those seeking a light and easy flavour.


Organic Black Tea, Organic Cane Sugar, Fresh Ginger, Kombucha Culture and Filtered Water

The ultimate health gut - Ginger is known to aid stomach ailment, particularly bloating stomach and indigestion. This zesty blend will leave you with a satisfying spicy heat that builds with every sip.


Roselle Hibiscus
Organic Black Tea, Organic Cane Sugar, Roselle Hibiscus, Kombucha Culture and Filtered Water

Crisp texture with a sweet-tart and fruity flavour reminiscent of cranberries. The Roselle Hibiscus is naturally high in antioxidants that helps lower blood pressure, detoxify liver and help maintain a healthy weight.



Butterfly Rama
Organic Green Tea, Organic Cane Sugar, Blue Pea Flower, Red Apple, Kombucha Culture and Filtered Water

Perfect for mood enhancer, the Butterfly Rama is rich in antioxidants and is great for anti-aging. The Blue Pea Flower helps elevate positive emotions and is perfect in aiding stress relief and anxiety. It is sweet and tangy and even comes with crunchy apple bites.

Butterfly Rama

Vitamin C
Organic Green Tea, Organic Cane Sugar, Fresh Orange, Kaffir Lime Leaves, Kombucha Culture and Filtered Water

It’s written in the name - Vitamin C! Vitamin C is absolutely essential to boost immune system and it is also vital for the body to grow and repairs tissue. The big C also helps produces collagen – the perfect natural solution to anti-aging.


Vitamin C

Organic Green Tea, Organic Cane Sugar, Chrysanthemum, Dried Longan, Kombucha Culture and Filtered Water

The delicate and fragrant Chrysanthemum flowers are known for anti-inflammatory and calming properties. Combined with Longan, it helps relaxes the body and mind, lowers inflammation and improves digestion.