Keyogen Made in Japan - 3 pack XXL size 26 pcs Merries baby premium grade pants diapers - extra comfort

Product Description

Airy Mesh, More Breathable
Japanese Version -Made in Japan

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Smile comes to all mums whose babies feel comfortable and happy!


Always gentle to the babies’ skin, Merries diapers provide all babies the utmost comfort they truly deserve.


Happy Baby, Smiling Mummy!



Merries are soft and smooth to the touch.


Thousands of smooth, soothing foam contact points enhance baby skin to help limit skin exposure to dirt and harmful agents.

- Another typical characteristic of Merries is its ventilation.


Smooth porous contact surface and thousands of openings allow air to circulate freely between the diaper surface and baby's bottom.


This reduces the moisture in the diaper so that your baby's bottom stays dry and comfortable throughout the night, especially the inner fluid still doesn't spill out.

- Super absorbent core helps absorb quickly, evenly and prevents perfect overflow to help baby comfortable when out


The dual super-absorbent core and diaper surface are constructed with smooth, undulating foam contacts that effectively absorb liquid stool, while also locking a large amount of liquid in the core to prevent re-penetration, while remaining light and thin. clotted.

- Merries diapers gently tighten the baby's tummy, do not constrict the baby's tummy even when he crawls, crawls or lies after meals.


Diapers also stretched comfortably cradling your baby's sleep.


The soft rubber bands around the merries' belly are placed a little bit below the baby's stomach, hugging the baby's hips, not worrying about the diaper dropping.


The diaper is fixed in that position, not moved to help the baby to have fun