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Product Description

Grace Cat GraceFull RAW- Duck 100g 

(Made from 500g Fresh Duck Breast Meat- Skinless, Boneless)

GraceFull Duck is rich in Selenium, Iron and Protein, good for:

  • ♥ Hypoallergenic

  • ♥ Boost Immune System

  • ♥ Increase Blood Count

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More information

Freeze-drying involves freezing Grace Cat’s well chosen raw ingredients to -40°C right at the peak of their freshness, then removing the moisture content under high pressure and thus prevents bacteria growth. This keeps natural nutrients, enzymes and flavour of the raw ingredient itself intact. GraceFull RAW is shelf-stable raw food and ready-to-serve without hassle or mess!​​​​​​​


WHY FEED GraceFull RAW?​​​​​​​
♥ All Natural, Purely Raw: Fresh ingredients are freeze-dried to protect the natural enzymes and nutrients.
♥ High Meat, High Protein: These are what your carnivore would get in the wild.
♥ Ready-to-serve: It is incredibly convenient to feed without hassle or mess.
♥ 5 Times Denser and Nutritious: 100 grams of freeze-dried food is made from 500 grams fresh meat.

✓ Delicious and Increase Appetite
✓ Better Digestive Health
✓ Immune Booster
✓ Improve Skin and Shiny Coat
✓ Stronger Muscle, Bone and Joint
✓ Healthier Heart
✓ Better Eyes and Oral Health
✓ Less Odour and Volume

☓ Grain-Free
☓ Gluten-Free
☓ NO Preservatives
☓ NO Harmful Additives
☓ NO Salt & Seasoning
☓ NO Colourings
☓ NO Fillers
☓ NO Animal By-Products
☓ NO Parasites

Suitable for cats, dogs and hamsters.
Suitable for all life stages and all breeds.

• Feed directly as dry food or everyday treats
• Soak in warm water for 5-10 minutes to rehydrate the meat, increase water intake of your pet
• Mix with kibbles as an appetite enhancer or supplement


It is important to introduce new pet food slowly because a quick transition could result in digestive issues, especially for pets with a sensitive digestive system. When transitioning to a new food, do so slowly over a period of about 7–10 days, mixing an increasing amount of new food with old food each day: We suggest starting with 1-2 pieces of freeze-dried food per day, then slowly increase the amount.

GraceFull RAW comes in a resealable ziplock bag to keep the food secure and fresh.

Always keep the bag sealed and store at room temperature, avoid sunlight and moisture.
No need to refrigerate, unless it is rehydrated. 

The product you receive will have remaining shelf-life of at least 8 to 12 months.