FREE SHIPPING - WILD FOOD Garlic Chilli - Original [Twin Pack]

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2x Garlic Chilli - Original

Vegan friendly and contain neither artificial colouring, preservatives nor added MSG.

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Remember when boy band Boys Like Girls said how two is better than one? They’re not wrong. Things are indeed always better in twos – a pair of shoes, a set of cute earrings, and two big jars of WILD FOOD’s Original Garlic Chilli. Crunchy chilli flakes teamed with juicy onions, aromatic garlic, nutty sesame seeds, and our secret ingredient (mushrooms) = perfection.

We don’t blame you for wanting more as our mildly spiced Garlic Chilli is highly addictive. It’s even good enough to be eaten on its own. But when used as a marinade or added to simple ingredients like noodles and porridge, this becomes the bomb. Now, grab this set of two if you want to indulge in flavour without the innutritious nasties. Our products do not contain any added MSG, preservatives, or artificial colouring. Vegan friendly, too!


165g each jar​​​​​​​

Ingredients, Nutrition Facts & Storage Recommendations: