Dream Sleep Kit

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A thoughtful gift, for him or her, aiding the recipient to manage everyday stresses with a comfortable weighted organic eye pillow. The eye pillow is accompanied with a Pillow Mist that will help the recipient lower melatonin levels and promote good

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Aid stress relief and promote relaxation with this thoughtful gift of an Eye  Pillow and a Pillow Mist.


Rawganics Organic Flaxseed Eye Pillow is hand-stitched with pure sweet Japanese cotton fabric. Organic Flaxseed is used to offer gentle pressure to relax tired eyes. Essential oils can be dropped on the pillow to promote further calm when used alone. 

Usage instruction: Place Rawganics Flaxseed Eye Pillow in the microwave oven for 20 seconds on a low heat setting. Flip and repeat until warmed to a desired heat. The eye pillow should be just gently warm and not too hot.

Caution: The pillow when placed on your eyes will feel warmer than it does on your hands. 


The Rawganics' bestselling Pillow Mist accompanies the eye pillow for the ultimate R&R experience. A combination of 5 essential oils, botanical extracts and more aids in bringing down the melatonin levels to encourage the body to go into deep sleep. Just 2 puffs on the pillow at night brings restful dreamy nights.

Usage: Spray 2 times on the pillow's surface and go to sleep.

Caution: This formulation is skin safe but usage on the face is not recommended as the formulation contains a high percentage of therapeutic grade pure essential oils.


The duo comes elegantly packaged to bring calm and happiness to any receipient.