DocKITA Process flow / Workflow Digitalization Solution

Product Description

DocKITA is a product suitable for companies or factories looking for digitalize their existing process flow or workflow without huge investment within short leadtime.  The solution is leveraging existing form templates to be User Interface for minimizing familiarization time of employees to the new digitalized system.

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Link to the video : ​​​​​​​​​​​​​DocKITA Process flow / Workflow Digitalization Solution




Q1: What are the advantages of DocKITA compare to other digitalization solutions available in the market?

A1:  DocKITA is a digitize process flow or workflow leveraging existing form templates as the User Interface (UI) for process flow or workflow while retaining the original form format but other solutions in the market are having their own developed User Interface.  Therefore, users do not require much familiarization time to adopt the DocKITA due to the User Interfaces are familiar to them compare to other solutions in the market.


Q2: Is the DocKITA equipped with a dashboard?

A2:  Yes, DocKITA dashboard is equipped with dashboard


Q3: What are the advantages of DocKITA compare to the editable PDF solution?

A3:  DocKITA embedded with a relational database system to store all data captured for traceability but the editable PDF solution do not carry any database.  Therefore, advantages of DocKITA are on the data traceability and data security.


Q4:  Is the DocKITA is a kind of webpage design service?

A4:  No, the DocKITA digitize process is done based on our Workflow Manager without require programming efforts.  The internet browser is use to map to the digitized forms in the Workflow Manager to ease user view either from Windows or Mac computer environment.


Q5:  Are users allow to select or subscribe for their own preferred cloud service provider or in-house server?

A5:  Yes, users are flexible to select the server location.


Q6: What is the basic requirement for the cloud server if users select their own cloud service provider or in-house server?

A6:  Minimum requirement is to have Windows OS and 8G memory.  The comfortable hard disk capacity is in between 256G-500G but it depends on type of content to be stored. 


Q7:  Is DocKITA offers a package includes cloud server subscription?

A7:  Yes, DocKITA offers RM350 monthly subscription for the cloud server as well.   The cloud server monthly subscription is separate from the digitalization package subscription.


Q8: Can we have further understand about the dedicated database as described in the DocKITA package?

A8: A dedicated database is required for the DocKITA solution, it attached together with the digitized process flow or workflow.  The license price for the relational database system is RM8,000 for lifetime and it’s a one time payment basis. 


Q9: Are users able to export the data being stored in the database?

A9: Yes, users are able to export data from the database into MS Excel file format for analysis purpose.


Q10: Is the form templates are changeable to accommodate to the revision upgrade?

A10: Yes, the DocKITA is able to swap or change the existing form template to the new form revision.   


Q11:  Can the DocKITA support process flow / workflow that required multi-level approval?

A11:  Yes, the multi-level approval is one of feature in the DocKITA.  Users are able to define approval sequence, an email notification will be sent to the next approval person once approval done by the previous approval personnel.


Q12: Is the approval done through electronic signature?

A12:  Yes, the approval is based on electronic signature.  Authorize signatory can be define in the DocKITA system.


Q13: Can the DocKITA support features includes drop-down menu, check box, calendar, etc?

Q13: Yes, basic features required for fill up the User Interface (in this case is digitize forms) are supported by the DocKITA.​​​​​​​