DOLPHIN P99 Two Pack Glass Fiber Compound 250mL Car Putty / DOLPHIN P99

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Simen Kereta

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Multiactive Enterprise Sdn Bhd

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Special highlight: • 100% brand new product • User-friendly & convenient • Easily to install & assemble • Light in weight, portable Features: • Reliable, user-friendly, easy to use • Suitable for bridging crack, small hole and rusted-through area on iron, steel & glass fibre. • Highly recommend for industrial & domestic use • Shelf life: 6 months when STORING AT COOL TEMPERATURE UNOPENED. • 100% asbestos free, safe to use • Contain no soluble compound & does not wash out, ideal for all marine repair • No problem for vertical application Function: • To filter small dust, mists, poisonous and metallic fumes or paint spray and particulate particle Package Include: • DOLPHIN P99- 250mL (x1) Steps to use: • Mixing ratio: Mix thoroughly DOLPHIN P99 with 1-3% hardener by weight. (Do not use more than this amount of hardener as this can cause specks to appear on the paint coat) • Drying: Under normal circumstances the drying is finished after 20-30 mins (Can be accelerated by oven/ infrared drying) • Sanding: Dry or wet after approximately 20-30 mins. When wet sanding ensure the filler surface is thoroughly dry before going on with the next coat, filler or primer.