[Cutie Bright Premium] Liquid Detergent Antibacterial Bottle 2 Liter/ Concentrated Detergent 2L Sabun Basuh Baju Wangi

Product Description

Liquid Detergent Antibacterial
2 Liter Bottle

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Product description:

Laundry Detergent by CUTIE BRIGHT PREMIUM formulated to use as daily

household detergent. Its improved formula proven to removes tough stains,

eliminates tough odors as well as gentle to your fabric. Their unique scent of

stunning floral will make your laundry smell refreshing.



How to use :

Use full cap for full load. Adjust detergent amount accordingly to the weight

of laundry as well as the intensity of stains.



Product specification:

Capacity : 2 Liters

Fragrance : Stunning Floral

Free From: Bleaching agent, Fluorescent

Safe to use : Cotton, nylon, polyster and other washable fabrics


Light load: ½ cap = up to 6 clothes

Full load: 1 cap = up to 10-15 clothes