Cottonity Disposable Face Wash Towel (60 Sheets)

Product Description

- No Fluorescence

No Chemical

- No Fragrance

No Paraben

- Eco-friendly

Suitable for Sensitive Skin, Pregnancy Woman & Baby


​​​​​​​Product Information:

Material: Natural Cotton Fibre 70gsm Non Woven Fabric

Size: 20cm x 20cm

Per Pack: 60 Sheets

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Cottonity Enterprise

More infomation

Are you still wiping your face with a towel? 

You must be questioning yourself, why doesn’t my skin get better after using expensive skin care products for 365 days?

Have you ever thought, your towels are clean?

Little did I know too today?  Towels will not only harden after being used for a long time, but will also have peculiar smell and breed thousands of bacteria. 

Want to have clean and beautiful skin?  Don't worry, just use Cottonity’s face wash disposable towels that are as thick as your towel! 

The main advantages of using Cottonity.

- It’s using 100% natural fiber cotton, it can be decomposed and will not burden the earth.

- No fluorescence, no chemical agent composition, baby and sensitive skin can be used with peace of mind

-Dry and wet dual usage, not easy to be deformed by pulling and its super water absorption

- Skin-friendly, soft, thick, no difficulty in removing makeup
​​​​​​​A pack is only the price of a cup of milk tea, so Hurry Up and buy a pack and try it out!








想要有干净漂亮滑嫩的肌肤?担心,脸后用如毛巾般厚Cottonity 洗巾就了!