Charity Donation to THE KIKO ANIMAL FOOD BANK - IQ Dog Chicken 7kg

Product Description

This special package is a donation to THE KIKO ANIMAL FOOD BANK.

attach herewith THE KIKO ANIMAL FOOD BANK certified letter for everyone reference.


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Petscare Venture

More infomation

MYTOPIA will deliver IQ DOG FOOD to The KIKO ANIMAL FOOD BANK every month. The KIKO Animal Food Bank - an NGO that collect funds from the public to sponsor feeder and shelter. May refer to KIKO facebook for more detail. Certified letter was attached. KIKO fb link : The Kiko Food Bank

You may reach MYTOPIA via :

WhatsApp / Phone : 01116627883

Email :

Facebook : Mytopia / Petscare Venture Jelapang Square