[COMBO] POS + Inventory + Member Loyalty

Product Description

πŸ”· Complete Retail System to run a store πŸ”·
Easily handles sales, customers, stocks & much more.
Everything you need to run a store in 1 combo."

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Smart New Retail

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- Touch POS / Touch F&B + Dynamod Inventory Professional (2-in-1) x 1user
- Smart Cover (POS+ Dynamod) - regular standard Fixes, Updates & Upgrades
- Incard Member Loyalty Program - Selected Bundle (Point + Voucher) or (Prepaid + Stamp)


(A) Touch POS / Touch F&B  
- Multiple Payments Gateway Integration (All E-wallets & Credit Card terminal)
- Retail Specialist Management
- Inventory Management
- Customer Management
- Shop Sales & Online Order Management
- Business Reporting & Intelligence Analytics​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

(B) Modules of DynaMod Inventory (Pro)  
1) Inventory Module
     Setup Stock, Stock listing, Stock opening,
     Stock Take, Stock adjustment , Stock issue, Stock receive,
     Stock Write Off, Stock card, Stock balance, Stock aging
     Enquiry screen & stock sales analysis
2) Supplier Module
    Setup Supplier, Purchase Order, Goods Return Note,
    Invoice, Debit Note, Credit Note,
    Enquiry Screen reporting & listing)
3) Customer Module
    Setup Customer, Quotation, Sales Order,
    Delivery Order, Invoice, Credit Note,
     Enquiry Screen & reporting
4) Promo Module
     Promotion Plan, PWP, Member group Discount,
     Cash Rebate, Add On, Mix & Match,
     Range Discount, Buy & Free, etc
5) Member Module
    Setup member setting
    Point collection, adjustment,
    Enquiry & listing
6) POS Management Module
    Setup Cashier Access Right, Discount Template,
    Cash Count, Setting, Voucher, POS Sales Reports

(C) Features Highlight of DynaMod Inventory (Pro)  
- Setup Stock: Bar code, category settings
- Multi-level price set Minimum price control
- Stock Price & Location Control
- Stock Adjustment Transfer & Return
- Stock Aging
- Stock Break-even
- Stock Sales Analysis
- Stock Control with multi-unit measurement
- Built-of-Material Control
- Stock reorder control
- Setup many promotion types 
- Apply discount types 
- Create membership base & points rewards
- Re-order control
- POS Simulation

(D) 4-in-1 Member Apps Management System  
- Points
- Prepaid
- Digital Stamps
- E-Voucher