Browton BK-801 Heating Blender Smart Cooking Blender with 9 Cooking Function (DELIVERY INCLUDE)

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Product Details Of Browton BK-801 Heating Blender Smart Cooking Blender with 9 Cooking Function 800 Watt Powerful Blender High-Speed Blender Heating Ice Mixer Fruit Juice Vege Smoothies Grinder Mincer Timer Soy Milk Baby Food Soup Porridge Fulfilled By SOKANO SHOP 


Features & Specifications : 




Come with 3 layers of 8 high-quality stainless steel extra hard razor blades 



Able to do Soybean Milk, Grains, Soup, Corn Juice, Paste, Porridge, Warm, Whole Juice, Grind, Sauce, Ice Crush, Smoothies, etc. 



Multi-function option, pulse and speed control from Vege/fruit, milkshake, supplement, muti-grain, ice-blended to Heating function 



Power: 800Watt 



Speed: 58000 RPM (spin/minute) 



Capacity: 1750ML 



Voltage : 220V / 50Hz 



With intelligent control: Yes 



From chopping delicate ingredients to blending tough purées, this blender is the ideal tool for supporting the demands of high-volume kitchens and processing difficult, back-to-back blends. 



Best suit for a smoothie, ice crush, fruit juice, veggie juice, soya milk, sesame soup and etc. 



Professional blades with small razor-sharp teeth constructed from high-quality 420J stainless steel 



High-speed motors built with NSK bearings, high grade silicon steel and pure cooper enamel wire with high-temperature resistance, makes the quality blender motor 



The advanced cooling fan provides optimum reliability during peak hours of operation. 



BPA free safety container 



An included Tamper provides the flexibility to blend thick and frozen mixtures without stopping the machine.