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-6 months +
-DDODDOMAM Organic Rice Rusk (Sweet Purple Potato)
-DDODDOMAM Organic Rice Stick (Fruits)
-KEMY Kids Bebe Grain (Blueberry)
-FREE CHEEKI MONKI Nutritious Baby Noodle (Plain)

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Healthy Korean Snack

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Expiry date:

DDODDOMAM Organic Rice Rusk (Purple Sweet Potato): 7.2023

DDODDOMAM Organic Rice Stick (Fruits): 7.2023

KEMY Kids Bebe Grain (Blueberry): 6.2023

Cheeki Monki Nutritious Baby Noodle (Plain): 3.2024

DDODDOMAM Organic Rice Rusk - Purple Sweet Potato

sweet potato

Ingredients: Organic rice flour (Korea), Organic sweet purple potato powder (Korea).

DDODDOMAM Organic Rice Stick - Fruits


Ingredients: Organic rice flour (Korea), Apple powder (Korea), Banana powder (Korea), Blueberry powder.

KEMY Kids Bebe Grain - Blueberry

bebe blueberry

Ingredients: 8 Mixed Grain (Chemical-free Brown Rice, Chemical-free White Rice, Corn, Chemical-free Barley, Chemical-free Sticky Rice, Green Kernel Black Bean, Chemical-free Sorghum, Chemical-free Black Rice) 59.5%, Palm Olein Oil (Refined), Blueberry Concentrated Powder 10%, Powdered Skim Milk, Crystal Glucose, Yolk Powder, Differential Sugar (Sugar, Starch), Calcium Carbonate, d-tocopherol, Sea Salt.

(Contain Egg, Milk and Soy Bean).


FREE Cheeki Monki Nutritious Baby Noodle - Plain


Ingredients: Flour (Wheat: Australia/ USA) 99.3%, Calcium, Iron, Zinc, Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin D3. Contains Wheat