Product Description

SUBSTRATE TYPES Use as primer for substrate ;
• Concrete
• Cement screed backings
• Masonry surfaces
• Light weight blocks

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Hydroment 425 is a high performance acrylic additive and mortar strengthening additive for cement based adhesive and Drytile Grout / Ceramic Tile Filler. This product is used to replace with water that normally added into cement based adhesive or other thinset / mediumset mortars and colour grouts sanded or unsanded. The use of Hydroment 425 will further improve the adhesion, flexibility and water resistance of thinset / mediumset mortars and colour grouts to serve the requirement in many areas of residential, commercial buildings, factories, warehouse and etc. Typical installations including high traffic areas such as podiums, lift lobbies, service bays, platforms and vehicular wash areas. Other strength critical areas are swimming pools and outdoor installation.

Recommended uses Where there is requirement on ;
• Improving shear bond strength of tile and stone installations.
• Improving water resistance of colour grouts and mortars.
• Improving flexural and tensile strength. Hydroment 425 can be used ;
• as a slurry bond coat (together with Portland Cement) to received new screeds or topping.
• as a plasticizer for cement and sand plastering to improve workability, cohesiveness and reduce the incidence of cracks formation.
• as a primer coat for Boscoseal AC2 and Boscoseal RC2 acrylic polymer waterproofing coating.
• as a primer coat for Light Weight Block (details of application must refer to Method Statement).
For screed / render : 1 part ordinary portland cement : 3 parts dry fine sand : 0.5 part of diluted Hydroment 425 (1 part of Hydroment 425 : 4 parts of water)
For reducing efflorescence effect : Mix with tile grout. Hydroment 425 shall add neat without adding water.
As additive in tile adhesive : It can be used neatly to replace water for all Bostik Ceramic Tile Adhesive range to improve flexibility.

SUBSTRATE TYPES Use as primer for substrate ;
• Concrete
• Cement screed backings
• Masonry surfaces
• Light weight blocks

suRFACE preparation
ll surfaces must be free from dirt, dust, grease, loose particles and other contaminants. Cracks and defects must be repaired. Ensure surfaces are true and plum before attempting installation of tile or marble.

Pour thinset or mediumset mortar powders gradually into Hydroment 425 whilst slowly mix with low speed electrical mixing paddle ( less than 500 rpm). Mix thoroughly until a homogeneous lump-free mixture is obtained. Allow maturity time of at least 2 to 3 minutes. Remix the mortar for 30 seconds. The mixed mortar is recommended to use within 15 minutes.

Tools, equipment and spillage should be cleaned immediately with water.

12 months from date of manufacturing if stored in original, sealed and unopened packaging in cool, dry and weatherproof environment.

This product is non-hazardous and non-toxic but should be treated with caution. Good hygiene practices should be observed at all times. Skin and eye contact should be avoided. Plastic or rubber gloves and eye protection worn at all times. In case of eye contact, wash repeatly with water and seek immediate medical attention. Material Safety Data Sheet is available upon request.