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Product Details Of SOKANO B008 Baby Swing Chair Infant Baby Electric AutoSwing Cradle With Music Rocking Chair Buaian Bayi  




Cradle design: three-speed automatic swinging cradle, liberating mother's hands, baby sleep more stable; high-quality stereo music: comes with high-quality stereo music, 3 scene music and 7 chord music, beautiful, better development of the baby's Hearing acuity. 


High quality comfortable and breathable seat cloth:  breathable, comfortable, soft and healthy, soft and comfortable. Five-point safety strap: Five-point seat belt design, protect the baby's center of gravity from shifting, adjustable strap length does not hold the baby, will not affect the baby's healthy development 


Multi-Function Control Panel:  The panel combines five-speed swing control, three-speed timing, music control and volume adjustment buttons. 


Collapsible space saving:  easy to fold in 3 steps, easy to carry and store. (Pinch up the seat cushion---Press the button on the foot---Put the lower plate back to the close-up cushion---270° revolving; Rotatable toy frame: can be adjusted back and forth with the baby The distance, also detachable, can be rotated 90° to comprehensively exercise your baby's vision and grasping ability. 


Soothing vibration function:  the vibration is soothing, imitating the frequency of amniotic fluid fluctuations, and developing a good habit of the baby not to hug. 


Swing lock:  Press the swing lock to secure the rocker cushion to prevent rocking. 








  Specification :  



  Material:  peach skin pearl cotton / ABS / steel pipe 






  Product size:  65 * 60 * 66 cm 






  Control method:  smart button control 






  Product load:  11KG 






  Suitable age:  0-12 months 






  Battery:  Host 4 section 1 / battery box 1 section 2nd battery (excluding battery) 






  Function: Electronic cradle, baby swing bed, day bed 






  Key points: 3 speed swing adjust, 5 points adjustable protection belt, Wireless Bluetooth and USB for music, remote control, foldable