Angel Moon Sanitary Napkin Premium Quality

Product Description

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-------------- ✨New Angel Moon choices ✨ ---------------
Pad Features
1) Panty Liner x 25 pads (245 mm)
2) Day Use x 10 pads (290 mm)
3)  Night x 8 Pads (180mm)

Previously name as Angel Secret, now is Ugraded Angel Moon
? Packaging Design Upgrade:
1)All the individual packs are sealed with aluminum foil for better storage and quality assurance. 
2) In order to become the best intimate companion to all ladies, Angel Moon is instilled with an extra comfort sensation through minimizes friction from the touch with body. The 3D plus breathable perforating technology allows feel free sensation. So ladies, you can carry this item in any occasion without putting any burden for activities.

?New Upgrade on Product Functions
1) In terms of health benefits, the overall protection is enhanced with  MT and FIR function. They are meant to create a clean environment with additional alleviation of symptoms during dysmenorrhea. 
2) The unique designed of bottom layer has Excellent Air Permeability and Waterproof properties. There is no more worry for prolong wetness feel on the skin. The fluid locking system plays the role here to ensure blood fluids has been absorbed and locked at bottom layer, keeping the surface always dry to prevent unpleasant feel.
3) Additionally, the Angel Moon’s night sanitary napkins, besides the mentioned upgrades as above, it is now designed with new length (290mm) to provide long-lasting night protection for the ladies with heavy menses.
The overall upgrades of Angel Moon are the refinement of a lot of details in Angel Secret, resulting an enhanced protection and wearing experience to all the ladies. 

Angel Moon can help to 
1) Eliminates odor / 消除异味
2) Eliminates bacteria / 消除细菌
3) Anti - inflammatory / 抗炎
4) Harmonizes pH level / 协调pH值
5) Promotes healthy metabolism / 促进健康的新陈代谢
6) Enhances blood circulation / 增强血液循环
7) Regulates menstrual cycle / 调节月经周期
8) Restores hormonal balance / 恢复荷尔蒙平衡

Angel Secret & Angel Moon had been selling over 80 countries over 10 years, quality is kept improving.

Quality & Safety Assurance Certifications:

✓ ISO Certified

✓ Halal Certified

✓ Heavy Metal Free

✓ Anti-bacterial Tested

✓ Fluorescent & Brightening Agent Tested