Alcosm™ 75% Classic Alcohol Wipes / Wet Wipes / Wet Tissue - Individual Sheet

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Alcosm™ 75% Classic Alcohol Wipes / Wet Wipes / Wet Tissue - Individual Sheet

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Malaysia No.1 Alcohol Wipes - Sanitize + Oil Removal  


With 880,000+ packs sold in a year, these wipes are known as the Malaysia No.1 Alcohol Wipes. Made with your safety in mind, our disinfectant wipes contain 75% alcohol which effectively kills 99.9% bacteria, viruses and harmful germs. Using spunlace nonwoven fabric, it is - ultra soft, thick and durable. From cleaning your hands to surfaces, these wipes are perfect for your daily cleaning! 


🦠 75% Alcohol, How it Kills Viruses? 🦠

Studies have shown that product(s) with 75% of alcohol-content can effectively exterminate viruses. Alcohol dehydrates the protein of the viral microbial shell, hence disabling its activity. At 75% alcohol concentration, it is the most effective ratio.


✨ Effectively Removes Stubborn Oil ✨

Alcohol is proven to be a great agent of oil removal. Unlike non-alcohol wet wipes, it can effectively break down and remove stubborn oil. 


💯 Softer Touch, 2x Thicker, 2x Durable💯

Using spunlace non-woven fabric, wipes are ultra soft and gentle. Also, It is made 2x thicker and 2x more durable than other wipes in the market. 


🖐🏻 Safe to Your Skin & Any Surfaces 🖐🏻

Advanced 6-stages water purification systems are used to attain the highest purity before blend into prescribed formula to ensure the highest quality of products.


 ✅ FDA International Approved ✅

Stringent quality control at all levels of manufacturing from materials to finished goods are carried out religiously by our highly-skilled production specialists.