Advancing Back Care Easy Applicator BackPainHelp

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Advancing Back Care Easy Applicator BackPainHelp

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Imagine having a drug free pain relief. The Advancing Back care easy applicator acts as a massage and is very helpful in relieving discomfort by increasing the blood flow and providing sore muscles with the nutrition they need. It is ideal for deep tissue massage. Easy to use and refill and it dispenses gel through the massager’s roller ball head for mess free, targeted application while you massage. It is lightweight and easy to use, the Easy Applicator allows you to apply as much or as little pressure to the area of pain or tension as you require. Try it out today! You will be glad you did! Developed with the London Spine Clinic to help their clients easily apply gels and topical creams as well as massage those hard to reach spots.


London Spine Clinic is the top rated private clinic in the UK specializing in back pain with a private client list covering Olympic champions and a whole host of sports professionals. Treating in excess of 10,000 patients a year it is their expertise that has helped shape the unique features of our Back products.

Everyone loves a massage and there are 4 benefits to it. 

It reduces stress and gives you the feeling of relaxation and calm.

It is a drug free pain relief.

It improves your sleep quality which in turn gives you more energy, reduces your body’s fatigue and improves your concentration levels.

It feels great! Massage in general is relaxing. Even deep tissue massages can be relaxing once all of your knots have been released.



Certified by KKM

Made in the United Kingdom. 



6 months warranty on manufacturing defects.



Malaysia/International Delivery - Refer to courier fee upon check out.