AMA Time 100% Organic Healthy Fruits Juices 300ml-Imported from Chile

Product Description

•    Preservative-free

•    Concentrate-free

•    Gluten-free

•    No flavoring

•    No coloring

•    No added sugar

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Organic7days Sdn Bhd

More infomation

AMA means "LOVE" in Spanish, and that is our motivation behind AMA Time products. We lovingly create our juices and smoothies from the finest organic harvest just for you.

AMA Time Organic Apple Juice 300ml 
Enjoy the rich flavor of our organic apples made juices and take it wherever you want in our juices in boxes, ideal for the collation of the little ones. *
Shake it and enjoy the taste of nature!

AMA Time Organic Apple and Pear  Juice 300ml
You enjoy the flavor of 100% organic Apples & Pears and all its benefits, since they are a great source of fibers, vitamins and minerals, since not being concentrated, they keep a lot of the nutrients of the fruit. *
Take it wherever you want and enjoy its flavor!


AMA Time Organic Apple and Blueberry Juice 300ml 
An exquisite mixture very beneficial for our body, since blueberry is considered a super fruit that improves sight and memory, prevents diseases and helps improve body functions. *



AMA Time Organic Apple and Mango Juice 300ml
Bringing the best of the 100% organic fruit and turning it into a delicious and nutritious juice, is our commitment, a proof of this is the tasty mango apple juice that gives you unique properties, with a flavor that young and old will love. Try this mix of refreshing and rich fruits!

AMA Time Organic Apple and Plum Juice 300ml
Discover the result of a magical fusion of 100% organic apples and plums that is into juice; rich source of antioxidants and loaded with nutrients. Let yourself be carried away by the right touch of goodness and acidity provided by our fresh plums and the incomparable flavor of our apples.

AMA Time Organic Apple and Kiwi Juice 300ml
Enjoy our 100% organic apples and kiwis juice that have the sweetness of the apples and the acidic touch of the kiwis, making it a unique juice with an exquisite flavor and very refreshing.Try this exquisite mixture. Shake it and take it cold!

Made in Chile

Shake before consuming. Store in a clean, cool and dry place. Once opened keep refrigerated (32°F to 42.8°F). Refrigerate within 1 hour of opening and serve within 3 days.