5-in-1 Face Massage Kit/ Cleaning Face Brush Spa Electric Massage/ Skin Facial Care Kits Sets

Product Description

2 settings: (Low) for daily cleaning, (High) for exfoliation

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Multiactive Enterprise Sdn Bhd

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Special highlight: • Exfoliator blackhead removal • Perfectly massage your facial skin to clean the facial pores without hurting your skin • Help improve skin texture for a younger looking skin • Improves overall skin tone • Stimulates collagen production • Deeply cleaning skin, effectively exfoliating of dead skin cells to reveal a radiant, youthful skin • Massages your skin activating skin elasticity and absorption of nutrition from your beauty cream • Designed to clean even hard-to-reach areas like the T-Zone • Waterproof and cordless unit is Ideal for usage in the bath or shower, BUT DO NOT USE IN WATER SHOWER • Reduce and erase fine lines & blackheads • 5 attachments included: soft brush, Rolling massager, make-up sponge, latex sponge-soft, crude Polish accessory • 2 settings: (Low) for daily cleaning, (High) for exfoliation • Compact and light-weight Specification: • Material: High quality material • Dimension: 130 x 70 x 48 mm • Operation condition: Temperature 10-40°C (50-104°F), Humidity 30%-90% • Colour: Random • Fitment: Universal