110G DRAIN PIPE CLOG REMOVER/ Clog Remover Drain Pipe Basin Cleaner Clogged Drainage Remover Powder 110g 管道疏通剂

Product Description

clear the clog the toilet, pipe, basin , etc

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Product Description: Name : Clog Remover Volume : 110g Expiry Date : 3 years Function : For hair , vegetable leaves, food leftovers, pet hair and other clogged. Scope of use: It is applicable to clear the clog the toilet, pipe, basin , etc Special highlight: • 100% brand new product • User-friendly & convenient • Easily to install & assemble • Light in weight, portable How to use: 1. Add appropriate normal temperature, if water has been clogged over the level, no additional water needed to add, remove the water beyone the pipe. 2. Pour approximate amount of this product (40g each time in the dish pool, 200g or more each time in the toilet and the main pipe) into the pipe, and flush with plenty of water (hot water is recommended for serious gambling) after five minutes until the pipe is clear. 3. It can be operated repeatedly or wait for several hours after undredging (this product has lasting efect on serious blockage, please wait patiently)