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TG Bean Arabica Coffee Bean / Whole Bean Coffee (Allure Blend) - 1kg

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Coffee Profile
Blend        : Arabica Beans
Origin        : Ethiopia + Costa Rica
Roasting    : Medium-Dark
Body        : 3 out of 5
Acidity        : 4 out of 5

This coffee providing notes of Creamy Chocolate, along with a hint of Apricot and Citrus aroma finishing. Coming with a pleasant fruity sourness and mild body, this blend is encouraged to consume without dairy products to enjoy the fruity hints of the beans. Recommended for all kind of Dripping, Aero-press and Moka Pot.

Do you know drinking Pure Coffee had higher effectiveness in keeping us alert while focus on work?
At TG Bean, we strive to combine the freshness of coffee bean with professional skill of coffee enthusiasts. Our journey went back to 1960s’, when we started with the very first sip. We always loved coffee. We had variety grades of coffee. TG Bean is a whole new series of premium coffee bean, where we want to ensure everyone get to enjoy the taste of our specialty in coffee – from the bean itself ! 

Blending with only finely selected beans from Central and South America, Africa and Asia, we ensure every single bean is skillfully roasted to provide the best taste that coffee lovers have been longing for. Backend, TG Bean is roasted with Probat Coffee Roaster. Despite of the enormous cost, we believe that only the leading brand in Coffee Roastery Industry promise highest consistency that other small competitor incompetent. Showing our concern and enthusiasm in quality, TG Bean is you best choice for home, corporate and even business brew !



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